Off-Road Vehicle EOL-Tester Panel Engineering Solutions

The Challenge: Building a CE-marked Test Panel and  Build several kinds of harnesses to test various CAB variations.

Automotive manufacturers face a double challenge of designing, engineered test panels that meet strict CE and UL standards and can be customized to a variety of testing requirements. These engineered panels need to work reliably and meet strict safety and quality criteria, the first time right. 


Solution Offered:

Our Approach: Customized, CE Marked Panel  Engineering services

At TMCS, we addressed these challenges by developing a Modular test panel solution:

    • Modular Design: Panels are designed with modularity in mind, to meet diverse testing requirements.
    • CE  Compliance: Our panels are designed to consider CE guidelines and adhere to European standards. CE certification can be obtained through certifying agencies if required.
    • High-Quality Components: Utilizing standard components, our panels guarantee reliable performance and longevity, which are essential for rigorous automotive testing environments.
    • On-time Delivery: Our project execution is highly process-driven, from initial design to final delivery. This approach ensures consistency, reduces errors, and meets delivery timelines efficiently.
  • First Time Right: By focusing on getting everything right the first time, we minimize rework, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-market for our clients.


TMCS’s panel engineering solutions offer automotive manufacturers a robust, flexible, and compliant option for their testing needs. We have achieved modularity without compromising quality and safety guidelines. Our CE-compatible panels provide the reliability and adaptability required in today’s fast-paced automotive industry.

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