Panel Engineering Services

Our panel range is available with different specifications in order to meet diverse requirements of the industry. Panels are designed for convenient layout and reliable wired interconnections between internal and external components. Enclosures are designed to be compact yet rugged and yet with sufficient cooling components. The operating switches, indicators are located considering the ease of operation for the operator and maintaining the engineering equilibrium. Our competent professionals use exceptional quality components while building the product to maintain international standards.

Engineering Support

Panel lay Out, Documentation, Electrical Schematic, Point to point Diagrams, LabVIEW, NI hardware Integration team.

Mid range VFD Panel – CE marked VFD panel with MCCB, Control relays, Panel Cooling fans, Input output terminals for supply.
DAQ Control Panel – DAQ panel provides sequential operation based on input from sensors placed in process. Reduced noise interference due to professionally designed layout.
Power Panel – Panel is provided with incoming protection by MCCB. Panel cooling FAN.
HMI Panel – HMI provided operation as well as display of process parameters.
Network Panel – Set of panels controlling a process including enclosure for Power components, Multiple controllers and Indicators.
PC Panel – Compact design provides interference free operation of the process. The height and layout of the panel is designed considering the ease of operation for the operator.



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