Automated Test Equipment Services

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is a machine that is designed to conduct tests on various devices known as devices under test (DUT). An ATE uses control systems and automated information technology to speedily perform tests that quantify and calculate a DUT. ATE testing is usually used in Automotive tests, wireless communication and radar as well as electronic component manufacturing. TMCS specialises in integration of offering complete system and sub-systems. We have successfully executed projects related to ATE with multipurpose, software centric interfaces. We use commercial off the shelf components to customize the functionality with latest architectures the real time measurement and analysis is possible with increased performance.

Expanding requirements from customers, rigid constraints, defined critical standards and limited available time to market are serious challenges for any organization in test and measurement solutions. To achieve the desired throughput from the designed test system the system must have robust integration, flexibility in device communication with better synchronization. TMCS ‘Team of expert engineers will help you achieve all this with increased system longevity and success.

Engineering Support

Panel lay Out, Documentation, Electrical Schematic, Point to point Diagrams, LabVIEW, NI hardware Integration team.

Mid range VFD Panel – CE marked VFD panel with MCCB, Control relays, Panel Cooling fans, Input output terminals for supply.
DAQ Control Panel – DAQ panel provides sequential operation based on input from sensors placed in process. Reduced noise interference due to professionally designed layout.
Power Panel – Panel is provided with incoming protection by MCCB. Panel cooling FAN.
HMI Panel – HMI provided operation as well as display of process parameters.
Network Panel – Set of panels controlling a process including enclosure for Power components, Multiple controllers and Indicators.
PC Panel – Compact design provides interference free operation of the process. The height and layout of the panel is designed considering the ease of operation for the operator.

Functional Test Bench


Rapid test developments possible with

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