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India’s Engineering sector has witnessed the remarkable growth due to increased investment in industrial production and infrastructure. Engineering sector being closely associated and dependent on manufacturing sector holds the high importance with respect to the economy.
With changes in socio economic reformations, urbanisation and improved standard of living the electronic appliances industries are touching new highs. With increased demand and rate of production the verification and validation of the unit at high speed is essential. TMCS can be a preferred partner for such test and measurement applications, Test benches or test systems.
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Case studies

1. Compressor Calorimeter test system

Application Summary :-
While testing the refrigeration performance of a compressor in a laboratory, the equipment which best simulates a real system is a calorimeter. The calorimeter measures capacity by means of a heat balance. The compressor suction pressure is adjusted by controlling the liquid refrigerant, and the temperature of the refrigerant vapour entering the compressor is adjusted by varying the electrical heat input. The discharge pressure is adjusted by varying the temperature and flow of the condensing medium, or by a pressure control device in the discharge line. The system measures parameters like: Suction pressure, Discharge Pressure, Calorimeter Outlet Temperature, Liquid in Temp in Expansion valve, Current, Voltage, Flowrate, Power, etc.
Key Points :-
1. Calibration & Accuracy
2. Graphical & Tabular Format of Data available to Client
3. Analysis of Compressor with Logical and easy operation

2. DAQ for Temperature and Pressure Sensor

Application Summary :-
1. Data acquisition and monitoring the temperature & pressure
2. Data Monitoring of Crank, Coolant temperature, Engine RPM, Throttle position
Key Points :-
1. User Interactive PC based system
2. Accuracy of data acquired varies while Switching from 0 – 3 Range of Pressure to 0 – 80 Range of pressure.
3. Test report generation
DAQ for Temperature and Pressure Sensor

3. Chiller Monitoring System

Application Summary :-
1. A distributed chiller monitoring system used to monitor and maintain various parameters of a climatic chambers like temperature, pressure, energy, flow of refrigerant to maintain desired temperature.
2. Easy access to data saved for future application and back up.
3. Real time data monitoring, saving and report generation as per user defined format.
4. Selection of remote auto/remote manual mode for fully automatic and semi-automatic control of software over chiller system.
Key Points :-
1. Acquires data from all 5 chillers simultaneously and store it on server computer.
2. Temperature control of 0.2° C.
Turn on/turn off different pumps and compressors from remote computers on single click

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We cater to diversified sectors with industry specific integration solutions. Our systems are reliable and sustainable. Robust reconfigurable and flexible engineering design helps our clients to achieve the better efficiency and throughput from these test systems.