Power electronics Industries

The Expanding Economy, Urbanisation, substantial and sustained economic growth creates the huge energy demand in India and over the globe. The renewable and non renewable energy sources are not evenly distributed. The Enrgy has a direct correlation with quality of life. A change is life style, technological developments directly adds to the energy needs of an individual and industries. Improving the energy utilization efficiency will be a real challenge in years to come. All above factors directly or indirectly affects the energy Industry as a whole. The Energy consumption in the industrial segment can be reduced by improving the process, Process controls recycling and finding out substitutions. Minutely monitoring energy consumptions is a need of time.
TMCS can help customers with Process optimizations, Tests and Measurements, Process Controls to achieve this. Technological change in adjustable speed Drives for motors, Actuators, use of highly efficient heat exchangers etc. will help the industry to partially control the energy consumptions. Static, Dynamic and Functional tests will give better performance and Overall equipment efficiency, Now a days for any of the industry, irrespective of the sector that it serves energy utilisation is of prime importance. Regulatory authorities are keen on the Tests and Measurement outcomes of these energy optimizations. These transformations requires research development, Innovation, engineering excellence and partnerships. Efficient experienced TMCS team can partner with you to help you achieve your goal.

Case studies

EOL Test- Alternator Test Bench

1. Alternator Test Bench

Application Summary :-
It is End of line Test Bench, which measures different parameter of different tests and controlling of Alternator like Load Conditions, Power, Temperature, Harmonics, Vibrations, Noise, over speed of a motor etc. After measuring the data conclude the results of the test based on comparison of read values and expected values and inform to the operator.
There are two types of tests conducted:
1. Routine Test
2. Type Test
Routine Test : After Power On the system will test already written in system.
Type Test: Type test will have a special power to manager to control the types of tests to be conducted by selection of tests.
Key Points :-
1. System will be used to perform routine as well as selection type test as per requirement.
2. System is developed to save test data automatically.

2. Contactor Test Bench

Application Summary :-
The system is capable of performing a wide-range of tests like, flashing test, pick-up voltage measurement, drop-off voltage measurement, coil current measurement, coil wattage measurement, Drop of Voltage, Pick up voltage test, Humming test, HV test, and many more as per the customer’s requirement. Tests performed in the system:
• Flashing Test
• Coil Current & Coil Wattage test
• Drop off Voltage & Pickup Voltage Test
• Humming Test
• HV Test
Key Points :-
1. All-in-one hybrid bench covering 5 tests.
2. Multi faceted testing and measurement options.
3. Easy to use, easy to read values. Typically suited for R&D engineers.
4. MCB protection.
5. Robust mechanism
Contactor Test Bench- EOL Services

3. Electromagnetic Flow Meter Calibration System

Application Summary :-
1. This system will be used for calibration of Flow meter and data will be acquired, processed and controlled in LabVIEW.
2. System will have 5 different stations, each station corresponds to different diameter of flow meter.
3. DAQ system consist of NI Hardware cRIO (Real Time Controller).
4. There will be 5 identical Executable systems running on 5 operator stations.
Key Points :-
1. Different types of flow meters can be calibrated on system.
2. Real time display of actual flow.
3. Data accuracy at all stations simultaneously.

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We cater to diversified sectors with industry specific integration solutions. Our systems are reliable and sustainable. Robust reconfigurable and flexible engineering design helps our clients to achieve the better efficiency and throughput from these test systems.