Aerospace Defense

India has one of the world’s largest military forces. The self-reliant initiative has accelerated the defense dependent industry growth considerably in past few years. Demand for defense equipment’s is constantly increasing. The Make in India initiative and Industry ecosystem is encouraging the exports. With years of legacy, TMCS has developed the expertise to work on the test system requirements with NI, PLC, Embedded solutions.
With these solutions TMCS has assisted defense organizations for import Substitute options. Vast Experience on communication protocols like CAN, LIN and standards like MIL-STD-1553 protocol for serial data bus communication, MIL-STD-461 for EMI, MIL-STD-704 for standardized power interface, MIL-STD-810, JSS 55555 for equipment’s environmental design and test limits etc gives TMCS upper hand while working and communicating with different hardware platforms.

Case studies

1. Diesel Engine monitoring Simulator

• The system is designed and developed to Simulate the Diesel Monitoring System
• Simulator is loaded with both the Real Time data and simulated data to give the working of the sequence and engine.
• The simulation system will maintain the speed of engine. If one engine fails how the other engines will react to maintain the balance of the ship.

2. Debugging a faulty PCB

• This system is developed to troubleshoot fault in PCBs like : Processor Cards, Analog & Digital I/O cards, JTAG Hardware, Isolation cards.
• Application software is developed to define test sequence, execute test, display and save result.
• Master signals are saved in database and will be compared with actual signals to display the result.

3. Firing Console

• Monitoring of the pressure built in inside the Firing Chamber or Shell.
• Monitoring of the delay in Firing Timing, its peak pressure and Plotting a graph (Pressure vs Time).
• The Firing console software can see Peek pressure, Ignition delay, Average pressure, etc.
• System can also calibrate the sensor using dead weight calibrator (DWT).

related solutions

We cater to diversified sectors with industry specific integration solutions. Our systems are reliable and sustainable. Robust reconfigurable and flexible engineering design helps our clients to achieve the better efficiency and throughput from these test systems.