DAQ SOLUTIONS- Data Acquisition System Services

TMCS undertakes key projects on DAQ Products, where products are used to gather information from different ongoing occurrences into the computer for processing, documenting, studying, storing and signal conditioning.

TMCS specializes in providing cutting-edge Data Acquisition System (DAQ) services to a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Aero-defense, Process, and Appliances. Our high-performance, multi-channel and reconfigurable systems are integrated with software to effectively monitor and process raw data. We reduce nonlinearities by processing this data at each stage.

Data Acquisition, commonly referred to as DAQ, is a system designed to measure physical parameters and converts them into digital values. It essentially involves digitizing data from the real world, allowing it to be displayed, analyzed, and stored on a computer in user-defined formats. DAQ systems are typically controlled by software programs developed using general-purpose programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, and LabVIEW.

What is Data Acquisition (DAQ)?

Data Acquision Equipments
Data Acquisition Systems have its contribution in a wide range of activities of day-to-day life. Most commonly, it is used to measure the electrical signals from some is often referred, is the process of digitizing data from the world around us so it can be displayed, analyzed, and stored in a computer.

DAQ system applications are usually controlled by software programs developed using various using general purpose programming language such as Assembly, BASIC, C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java, LabVIEW. TMCS is NI Silver Alliance Partner we also provide LabVIEW Software offshore consultation.
DAQ system flow- TMCS

Data Acquisition System

A Typical Data Acquisition System Based on Virtual Instrumentation Consists of Five Parts:

Sensors  :- Convert physical phenomena into a signal you can measure.

Signals :- The signals you are acquiring or generating with your data acquisition system.

Signal Conditioning Hardware:- The signals you are acquiring or generating with your data acquisition system. Modular signal conditioning lets you customize the signal conditioning on a module-by-module basis, allowing you to easily mix and match different signals into one DAQ system.

 DAQ hardware:- The interface between the computer and the outside world. Its primary function is to convert analog signals to digital so that the computer can interpret them.

Software :- Measurement Services software forms the layer between the hardware and your application software. It should provide configuration and installation services, a programming interface, self-calibration, and other features to simplify the interface with DAQ hardware. Application-level software is the program you develop using a standard programming environment such as LabVIEW, C, or Visual Basic.

Additionally, we can utilize modular signal conditioning hardware to monitor and analyze different signals like Temperature, Voltage, Current, Strain, Pressure, Shock, Vibration Distance and displacement, etc. based on the specific needs of the DAQ system.

Data Acquision Tools & Services

The Purposes of Data Acquisition

The primary purpose of a data acquisition system is to acquire and store the data. Data acquisition systems are principally in the business of measuring physical phenomena such as:

We undertake projects for DAQ​

DAQ for PID :- Connect any make PID’s, configure them over Modbus and start using the software
NI hardware based DAQ System :- Data acquisition systems with different National instruments platforms like cRIO, PXI, cDAQ, SCXI, etc.
Data Acquisition and Control System for Crank Shaft Hardening :- Temperature data logging from sensors like RTD, Thermocouple, etc. and Energy monitoring from different make energy meters or power analysers like Yokogawa, Rishabh, Schneider, etc.
Chiller Monitoring System :- A distributed chiller monitoring system used to monitor and maintain various parameters of climatic chambers like temperature, pressure, energy, and flow of refrigerant.

Customized Data Acquisition Software

Customised Data Acquisition Software of Power Analysers: :- TMCS Data Acquisition system specially developed for compressor monitoring.
Distributed Data Acquisition System :- Collecting data from different stations and Data logging of many stations to a single server and integration with existing SAP and ERP system.
Fast /High-Speed Data Acquisition and Control System :- System was developed to capture high-speed data from about 50 analog input channels. The Acquisition rate per channel was 1msec. Based on the analog input some control logic was developed to control 30 analog output channels simultaneously.

DAQ Applications We Serve

NI Hardware Based DAQ System:-

The scale and the complexity of the system vary based on the application and industry. The automotive industry needs high speed, high channel count ruggedized data acquisition system .On the other hand the acquisition parameters, rate, cycle time are completely different for appliances industry. National instruments have array of platforms like cRIO, PXI, cDAQ, etc. one can configure the DAQ system according to the applications required.

DAQ for PID:-

For some of the applications, the basic systems configuration with a PID is sufficient to fetch the data.
It is as easy as plug and play, connecting any make PIDs, configuring them over Modbus, and starting to use the software.

DAQ With Multidisciplinary Hardware:-

In a complex multichannel system, the system may consist of various sensors, signal conditioning hardware, Energy Meters, NI, PLC, and Power analyzers.

High-Speed Data Acquisition:-

With technological advancements in automotive manufacturing, autonomous driving, ADAS, and hybrid, and Electric vehicles High-speed data acquisition plays a pivotal role. These technological upscaling is highly dependent on the data gathered for analysis at each stage viz designs, development, implementation, or testing. A high-speed data acquisition system empowers the researcher and manufacturer with high precision, and accuracy which ensures that the product meets the highest level of quality.

Similarly with rising demand in Smart Appliances precision engineering is an important aspect of manufacturing to produce technologically upgraded products. Intricate, complex designs are replaced with user-friendly, easy-operable appliances. To have these appliances rightly positioned in the market, it needs rigorous R7D effort. This is where High-speed data acquisition helps researchers in gathering multichannel sensor data, its integration with subsystems, and real-time data analysis.

What Makes High-Speed DAQ Special?

1) Real time Monitoring:

High Speed DAQ allows real time monitoring of several parameters. This helps in identifying and rectifying the issues in matter of seconds. This saves production down time &improves R&D cycle time.

  •  2) Precision Engineering:

In automotive manufacturing, multiple ECU’s are integrated together to make technically advanced vehicles. High speed DAQ provides the ability to minutely monitor and fine tune these ECU’s, controls and processes to micro level precision

3) Quality Assurance:

Not only in manufacturing but also for R&D divisions , identifying the slightest deviation from specification is the key factor. Assuring the world class processes, maintaining a quality standard and fault detection can be achieved with high speed DAQ.

4) R&D Efforts and Time Saving:

The Large data sets collected from Research & development need to be processed to reach an analytical conclusion. This time saving data processing will be facilitated by high speed DAQ.

5) Predictive Maintenance:

Analysing patterns, trends, potential failures can be anticipated and identified by High speed DAQ before they occur. This results in reduced down time and maintenance cost.

  • 6) Monitoring Overall Equipment efficiency (OEE):

OEE as an extension to the predictive maintenance gives manufacturer a clarity about the system failure, potential hazards, maintenance and system operational duration.

With high speed DAQ manufacturer can achieve higher level of precision, quality and efficiency. This data is utilized for upgradation in products, futuristic advancements, comfort and convenience in user experience.


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