At TMCS, we focus on the competency, skills of employees which in turn determine success of the organization and add value to the customers. Training and learning are continuous processes, and we recognize that these are inevitable for the growth. Training division of TMCS organize updated training programs consistent with the organizational goals and customer/industry requirements. TMCS has launched several measures and initiatives for work based learning to adapt challenging skill needs.

Similar to its internal training program, TMCS has launched a training program for professionals, education institutes and industry for skill development and knowledge upgradation and to match the fast pace of technological changes. TMCS is equipped with highly up to date content, professional trainers, and industry standard curriculum.

These consistent training improves individual and team performance and help an individual to grow personally and professionally.


Constant skill improvement is a way to success for any industry, understanding this industry requirement, the training division of TMCS organizes Industry Specific standard training programs. These enable the Customer’s team members to keep themselves updated on the technologies and industrial trends. With skilled, experience facilitators and trainers the training experienced in enhanced with real industrial case studies.


The basic aim trainings for academics sector is to make aspirants industry ready./job ready. The trainer guide them about industry specific required skillsets and drive them towards achieving those.