Panel Engineering Services

Erection Commissioning

The control panels have the following functions:

  • Our panel range is available with different specifications in order to meet diverse requirements of the industry .
  • Panels are designed for convenient layout and reliable wired interconnections between internal and external components .
  • Enclosures are designed to be compact yet rugged and yet with sufficient cooling components.
  • The operating switches, indicators are located considering the ease of operation for the operator and maintaining the engineering equilibrium.
  • Our competent professionals use exceptional quality components while building the product to maintain international standards.
  • Our quality maintenance team thoroughly tests the product prior to handover to the customer, physical electrical tests carried out to ensure that the panel is functioning as designed.
  • Reduce time exposure & costs and increase process reliability for long term competitiveness

Engineering Support

  • Panel lay Out.
  • Documentation.
  • Electrical Schematic.
  • Point to point Diagrams.
  • LabVIEW, NI hardware Integration team.

Types of Panel:

Mid range VFD Panel - CE marked VFD panel with MCCB, Control relays, Panel Cooling fans, Input output terminals for supply.

DAQ Control Panel - DAQ panel provides sequential operation based on input from sensors placed in process. Reduced noise interference due to professionally designed layout.

Power Panel - Panel is provided with incoming protection by MCCB. Panel cooling FAN.

HMI Panel - HMI provided operation as well as display of process parameters.

Network Panel - Set of panels controlling a process including enclosure for Power components, Multiple controllers and Indicators.

PC Panel - Compact design provides interference free operation of the process. The height and layout of the panel is designed considering the ease of operation for the operator.


  • CE marked panel engineering. 
  • Effective consultation because of Know hows of NI Hardware.
  • Timely support during integration.