End of Line Testers

End-Of-Line Testing System

End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems can measure and check the functionality of automotive electronic control units, mechanical parts and related systems. Key factors considered are high test quantity, test completion and low system with upgrade costs. Today it’s important to have a flexible test platform with the growing intricacy of automotive electronics. TMCS has an End of Line Testing platform which is flexible and offers complete consistency.

We undertake projects for EOL systems (End-of-line)

Motor Test System: EOL testers are developed to control and log data of Motor under test. Various tests like Voltage regulation, Temperature rise test etc can be carried out automatically. Pass and Fail result will be displayed based on configured data.

Alternator Test System: With identifying and selecting the apt NI resources, we were able to finish the entire test 12 to 14 minutes earlier, reducing alternator's Test Cycle Time by 10+%" The Challenge: Customer wanted us to develop a solution over the Alternator (End of line) Testing System that shall CONTINUOUSLY MONITOR the temperature rise, during the heat-run test.

ECU Test Bench

EOL tester are usually used to test vehicle ECU. Operator needs to manually connect all electrical cables, select model and start testing. Test sequence of different models of ECU can be set by manager.

Outer Door Handle EOL Testing:Test bench is used to simulated different door handle actions done by a driver to lock or unlock the car.

Spring Tester:EOL tester is used for calculating compression and tension values for different sized springs.

EOL Tester to Test Signalling Group Relays:The sequence of testing the particular UUT (Group) is defined in form of a excel table.