Data Acquisition System

Today Data Acquisition Systems has contributed to a varied range of activities of day-to-day life. TMCS undertakes key projects on DAQ Products, where products are used to gather information from different ongoing occurrences into the computer for processing, documenting, studying, storing and signal conditioning. Data Acquisition is the method of measuring electrical as well as physical factors such as voltage, current, pressure, temperature, fluid flow, etc.

We undertake projects for DAQ :

DAQ for PID: Connect any make PID’s, configure them over Modbus and start using the software

NI hardware based DAQ: Data acquisition systems with different National instruments platforms like cRIO, PXI, cDAQ, SCXI, etc.

Data Acquisition and Control System for Crank Shaft Hardening: Temperature data logging from sensors like RTD, Thermocouple, etc and Energy monitoring from different make energy meters or power analysers like Yokogawa, Rishabh, Schneider, etc.

Chiller Monitoring System: A distributed chiller monitoring system used to monitor and maintain various parameters of climatic chambers like temperature, pressure, energy, and flow of refrigerant.

Customized Data Acquisition Software of Power Analyzers

TMCS Customised Data Acquisition Software of Power Analysers: Data Acquisition system specially developed for compressor monitoring.

Distributed Data Acquisition System: Collecting data from different stations and Data logging of many stations to a single server and integration with existing SAP and ERP system.

Fast /High-Speed Data Acquisition and Control System: System was developed to capture high-speed data from about 50 analog input channels. The Acquisition rate per channel was 1msec. Based on the analog input some control logic was developed to control 30 analog output channels simultaneously.