Automated Test Equipments


Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is a machine that is designed to conduct tests on various devices known as devices under test (DUT). An ATE uses control systems and automated information technology to speedily perform tests that quantify and calculate a DUT. ATE testing is usually used in wireless communication and radar as well as electronic component manufacturing. TMCS specialises in integration of offering complete system and sub-systems. We have successfully executed projects related to ATE in the following:

We undertake projects for (ATE)

Shock Absorber Test System: An Automated Damping Force Tester calculates the compression and tension values of a Shock Absorber. It plots an online graph and generates a final result based on the tolerance band set by the user.

Universal Testing Machine (UTM): This machine is used to check tensile strength, elasticity, modulus of elasticity of specific material like spring, plastic, wooden plank, etc

Distributed Gauging System

Here different operator stations with various parameters for Vehicle Engine Head and Block are measured and logged. All this data can be logged locally on each operator machine as well as centrally on the server. Users can perform SPC analysis of the stored data with the same software. Online Cp, Cpk values will be shown to the operator for easy and handy testing

A multiple station test bench is used to test different features of the Electrical Contactor. All test parameters are user configurable and hence test bench becomes modular and can be used for different models or variants of the contactor. Simultaneously 6 contactors can be tested to achieve desired production rate.