Case studies

Automotive/Shock Absorber Tester

Shock Absorber Tester

Background: Usually test rigs for automotive subasseblies are large and bulky.the challenge was to develop a compact ruggedand portable damping force tester that can be used as a remote testing lab to validate shock absorber assemblies before field trials .This allowed the same tester to be reused across several designs of shock absorbers reducing the time to market and the cost.

Challenge: There was major requirement to track the online live damping force calculation for multiple velocities to gauge the quality of shock absorbers on various terrains.

Solution: NI based solution was implemented with appropriate data acquisition and motion control hardware to achieve the desired output.

Result: Required data is easily visible to operator along with historical data for traceability and interfacing data migrated to central server and SAP system.

Electronic/Engine Control System

Electronic/Engine Control System

Background: Every vehicle has multiple ECU’s regulating various function within to ensure it smoothly functions.

Challenge: Testing the product is all field conditions with every possible permutation and combinations prior to getting installed in the vehicle.

Solution: : Implementing NI based solution on cRIO and PXI system with complete integration end of line testing.

Result: A universal platform was devised to configure and test various models of ECU on the same test bench.

Power & Electronics/Alternator/Motor Test Bench

Alternator/Motor Test Bench- Setup

Background: Automated testing of Alternators/Motors with different power ratings.

Challenge: Accommodating the difference between low capacity motor/alternator to high capacity options, all in a single interface.

Solution: Using of NI based real time controls of loads and logging of data from various power analysers.

Result: Type test and routine test can be easily all combined and collated under one roof, thus making it easier for the operator.


Firing Console

Background: Indigenised system to collate all data at a single point and make available the readings to all.

Challenge: Multi channel high speed data acquisition over distributed control system. Channel count to be as high as 1000+ I/O.

Solution: NI based distributed data acquisition (DAQ) and control system monitoring labVIEW software on single PC.

Result: All data was easily captured in one single PC and was easily accessible to all .

Smart Manufacturing

Challenge: Connect disparate machines (Legacy, Modern), Create single data tunnel to analyze the parameters in real time & improve overall productivity


  • Achieve Real Time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Conduct Downtime Analysis
  • Implement Energy Monitoring at machine, cell and plant levels
  • Enable Condition Based Monitoring for spindle temperatures
  • Centralize Live Production and Maximize Efficiency


  • Realize quick ROI right after the pilot in less than 12 months
  • Monitor and sustain benefits accruing from TPM/Lean implementation

Smart Energy

Challenge: To build a low cost, plug & play energy monitoring appliance to  be able to send data from field (remote locations) using sim card


  • Build Connected Meter from scratch meeting cost criteria
  • Real time power monitoring using GSM module –inbuilt
  • Rugged build to with stand fluctuations in voltage


  • Pan India real time power monitoring – Availability & Quality
  • Elimination of manual error-prone efforts
  • Custom dashboards providing greater insights
  • Faster and confident decision making