Case studies

Automotive/Shock Absorber Tester

Shock Absorber Tester

Background: Shock absorbers are a vital component in every vehicle today. It needs to be thoroughly tested before being implemented in any vehicle using a reliable machine.

Challenge: There was major requirement to track the online live damping force calculation for multiple velocities to gauge the quality of shock absorbers on various terrains.

Solution: NI based solution was implemented with appropriate data acquisition and motion control hardware to achieve the desired output.

Result: Required data is easily visible to operator along with historical data for traceability and interfacing data migrated to central server and SAP system.

Electronic/Engine Control System

Electronic/Engine Control System

Background: Every vehicle has multiple ECU’s regulating various function within to ensure it smoothly functions.

Challenge: Testing the product is all field conditions with every possible permutation and combinations prior to getting installed in the vehicle.

Solution: : Implementing NI based solution on cRIO and PXI system with complete integration end of line testing.

Result: A universal platform was devised to configure and test various models of ECU on the same test bench.

Power & Electronics/Alternator/Motor Test Bench

Alternator/Motor Test Bench- Setup

Background: Automated testing of Alternators/Motors with different power ratings.

Challenge: Accommodating the difference between low capacity motor/alternator to high capacity options, all in a single interface.

Solution: Using of NI based real time controls of loads and logging of data from various power analysers.

Result: Type test and routine test can be easily all combined and collated under one roof, thus making it easier for the operator.


Firing Console

Background: Indigenised system to collate all data at a single point and make available the readings to all.

Challenge: Multi channel high speed data acquisition over distributed control system. Channel count to be as high as 1000+ I/O.

Solution: NI based distributed data acquisition (DAQ) and control system monitoring labVIEW software on single PC.

Result: All data was easily captured in one single PC and was easily accessible to all .

Smart Manufacturing

Challenge: Connect disparate machines (Legacy, Modern), Create single data tunnel to analyze the parameters in real time & improve overall productivity


  • Achieve Real Time OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Conduct Downtime Analysis
  • Implement Energy Monitoring at machine, cell and plant levels
  • Enable Condition Based Monitoring for spindle temperatures
  • Centralize Live Production and Maximize Efficiency


  • Realize quick ROI right after the pilot in less than 12 months
  • Monitor and sustain benefits accruing from TPM/Lean implementation

Smart Energy

Challenge: To build a low cost, plug & play energy monitoring appliance to  be able to send data from field (remote locations) using sim card


  • Build Connected Meter from scratch meeting cost criteria
  • Real time power monitoring using GSM module –inbuilt
  • Rugged build to with stand fluctuations in voltage


  • Pan India real time power monitoring – Availability & Quality
  • Elimination of manual error-prone efforts
  • Custom dashboards providing greater insights
  • Faster and confident decision making